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Food+Photography Magazine

After hosting DMBLGIT and deciding to quit my humming and hawing, my thoughts have solidified.

There are such fantastic blogs with photos so beautifully styled by, for lack of a better word, amateurs. Yet, passion melts through my screen with these drool worthy photos. There is a love of food, creating a sense of calm from an otherwise chaotic kitchen that keeps us going, even on those chocolate chip cookie kind of days.

It’s obvious we love to look at food as much as cook it – striving for better, otherwise there wouldn’t be photo competitions and trophy badges. With an amazing sense of community, food bloggers come together and support one another in ways so sincere and supportive. Through kind words and encouragement from across the globe we are all connected by this passion we have for making food and photographing it.

After months of drooling, entering and reviewing I searched for photo collections that could showcase and inspire new horizons as well as opportunities. I would like to host a gallery which promotes content, supported and selected by our peers. I would like to publish it, using it as a tool to promote and showcase these great and often undiscovered talents. Each issue will be broken into three themes, leaving the only “rules” to be:

• These works must be original and high res.
• They must be considered a print worthy, portfolio piece by the photographer.
• You may enter as many times as you see fit, considering the content is relevant to the theme
• You need to be willing to have your pieces printed in the magazine. (Food+Photography Only)
• Please do not over manipulate photos in Photoshop or by adding text, boarders or multiple images.
• If you would like to submit a corresponding recipe, please do so by email, adding it in the Flickr comments or, of course, a link back to your site.

Post your photos in the Food+Photography group , if you don’t have a Flickr account you can email your pictures to me at foodandphotography AT gmail DOT com

The deadline for the spring edition is March 15, 2008.

This first issue; SPRING, the themes are:




Be creative and give it your best shot.

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sabra - Wow – what a neat idea! Is the magazine a print magazine? Who will it be distributed to? I assume in terms of posting to the flickr group we should post the typical web-resolution files and then if you select our photos we would send you a high res version?


Dayna - Since it’s the first edition, we’ll have to see how the demand grows, but it will be printable in pdf and POD (print on demand).
Available online, the magazine will be promoted via us bloggers, through Flickr and various contacts to mostly advertising and publishing industries.
High res files may be sent later, if preferred.

chanelle - wow – thanks so much for this opportunity! can’t wait to start shooting.

aforkfulofspaghetti - are those 3 separate themes, or are they to be combined?

Dayna - These are three separate themes, in which you may focus on one or all to enter.

Coffee and Vanilla - Hi Dayna,
I added one of the images to Flickr group, if you like it I will send you by email high resolution image without the logo on it.

Rasa Malaysia - I am so sad I missed the Spring deadline. :(

I would love to take part in the future, hopefully for summer. When can I start entering?

Franky - Hi, is there a way to order this magazine??

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